The purpose of CRCP2011 was:

  • To strengthen the connections between the research, practice, training components of ethical psychological science in the region;
  • To provide an opportunity for Caribbean psychologists to contribute to the development of a culturally-appropriate, diverse and global psychological science by sharing their research, teaching and practice with regional colleagues (including the Caribbean diaspora) and from other parts of the world;
  • To increase the knowledge of academic and applied psychologists in the region about psychology in other parts of the world and to specifically involve scientists and practitioners from outside the region whose work is pertinent to psychologists in the region and who are able to transfer knowledge;
  • To organize a number of workshops, that allow psychologists of the region to engage in continued education on contemporary techniques, methodologies, and theories that are appropriate to their own work;
  • To increase professional and public awareness of the role of psychological science in promoting individual, community, national and regional well-being and development;
  • To promote the sustained collaboration of academic and applied psychologists (including trained but non-practicing psychologists) within the Caribbean region and the diaspora;
  • To develop a regional network of psychologists to enhance capacity building and the development of psychology in the region, at individual, institutional and national levels; and students of the region.

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