Conference Subthemes:
Caribbean Culture and Psychology
Capacity Building
Education & Training 
Mental Health and Development
Research Methodologies
Psychology in the Public Interest

SUBTHEME: Caribbean Culture and Psychology

  • Identity
  • Family: evolving structures, adaptation, challenges,
  • Child rearing ethnotheories and practices
  • Caribbean worldviews: attitudes, beliefs & value
  • Historical and contextual factors
  • Spirituality & well-being
  • Rhythm and resilience

SUBTHEME: Capacity Building in the Caribbean Region

  • Building graduate programmes in psychology
  • Building organizations of psychology
  • Building a regional network
  • Building bridges for tomorrow

SUBTHEME: Education & Training

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  • Culturally-responsive instruction
  • Diversity & multiculturalism in psychology education
  • Internationalizing the psychology curriculum
  • Student learning outcomes
  • Evaluating teaching effectiveness
  • Programme/curricular evaluations
  • Graduate and undergraduate training: Best models

SUBTHEME: Mental Health and Development

  • Culturally-relevant mental health assessment
  • Disasters and mental health
  • Nontraditional community-based intervention
  • Clinical intervention: Integrating culture
  • Mental health promotion and wellness models
  • Mental health disorders across the lifespan
  • Ethics in professional practice

SUBTHEME: Research Methodologies

  • Evidence-based practices
  • Community-based participatory research
  • Ethnography
  • Quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods
  • Ethnocultural diversity in research
  • Ethics in research
  • Research in the Caribbean: Issues, progress & challenges

SUBTHEME: Psychology in the Public Interest

  • Youth development: Challenges and progress
  • Psychology in the educational system
  • Psychological health and organizations: The work environment
  • Health care issues: HIV/AIDS, stress, hypertension, disability etc
  • Mobility of Caribbean peoples
  • Promoting mental health awareness and reducing stigma
  • Social Issues: Crime, sexuality, violence, substance abuse, institution-based persons

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