Keynote and Plenary Speakers



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Keynote Speakers:  Opening Session


David Comissiong     Biography and Abstract

Reparations: A Caribbean constructed Instrument for Survival and Transformation


Marcia Sutherland       Biography and Abstract
State University of New York-Albany, USA

Pan-Caribbean Psychology: A Tool for Caribbean Regional Development


Plenary: Unmasking the Past - Caribbean Identity


Gloria Wekker        Biography and Abstract
University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

Yu na mama, we na pikin'o/you are the mother, we are your children. Relations between working-class Afro-Surinamese mothers and their sons and daughters


Gail Ferguson       Biography 
University of Illinois, United States/ Jamaica

Modeling Nonlinear Dynamics of Caribbean Identity


Plenary : Claiming Our Future: Health and Wellness


Omowale Amuleru-Marshall     Abstract
St. Georges University Grenada, and Guyana

Health Psychology or a Psychology for Health


Milagros Meñdez         
Dominican Republic

Construction of Dominican identity: no soy de aquí, o soy de allá


Plenary : Our Future: Youth, Children and Education


Lillian Ferrier       Abstract
Chair, Presidential TaskForce Youth, Director Foundation for Human Development

The Science of Psycohlogy Applied to Developing a National Policy for Children and Adolescents


Tobi Graafsma     Biography and Abstract
Anton de Kom University, Suriname

Dark clouds over their future: Remarks on the prevalence and prevention of violence against children in Suriname


Plenary : Caribbean Psychology Education and Training


Peter Weller              Biography and Abstract
University of the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago, and Jamaica

Whither Caribbean Clinical Psychology?


Guillermo Bernal       Biography & Abstract
University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

Indigenization of Psychology in the Caribbean: Progress and Status in Scholarship, Research, and Education


Plenary : Facing New Challenges in Psychology


Saths Cooper           Abstract
IUPsyS, South Africa

Critical issues psychology must confront


Ishtar Govia       Biography & Abstract
University of the West Indies, Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago

Old Things Still New: Psychology and Caribbean Realities


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