Procedures for CANPA Membership - Member Association

Eligibility: A national organisation of psychologists or a federation or coalition of associations of psychologists, based in the Caribbean, that exists to promote psychology and the professional status of psychologists in the Caribbean area is eligible to be a CANPA Member Association, when its statutes and rules are in accord with the aims of CANPA.
There may be only one CANPA Member Association within any one country. In countries where there is more than one association of psychologists, CANPA encourages the formation of a coalition or network to apply for membership.

Membership procedures. 
Membership in CANPA occurs following the steps detailed below.

  • A formal letter requesting membership in CANPA is sent to the CANPA Secretary-General by the appropriate official of the national organization, federation, or coalition of psychology organizations. The letter requesting membership should be accompanied by the following information in English:
    • A copy of the organization's constitution, statutes, and/or by-laws (required)
    • A copy of the organization's code of ethics and latest annual report, if available
    • A list of current officers (required)
    • A brief statement describing the general characteristics of the organization's membership (academic qualifications for membership, occupations represented, descrtiption of how the organization represents psychology within the country)(required)
    • A brief statement of the history of the organization (required)
    • A list of the organization's main past and current activities (required)
    • Any additional information providing assurance that the organization is a truly national organization of psychology, regularly established.
    • If the appliying organization is a federation or coalition of organizations, also provide information about the development of the federation or coalition. 
  • After ascertaining that the application information is complete, the Secretary-General will forward the letter and supporting documentation to the CANPA Executive Committee for review and approval. After review and positive action by the Executive Committee, the application will come before the CANPA General Assembly for approval.
  • Approval may be granted  (i) by a simple majority of the CANPA General Assembly if at least half the members are present and voting or (ii) by a two-thirds majority of votes by a mail ballot, provided at least half the members vote.

The Secretary-General will notify the applying organization of the decision about membership in CANPA. Membership is effective upon receipt of annual dues (the CANPA dues structure will be determined at the inaugural General Assembly in Paramaribo, Suriname in November 2014).

Membership application material should be submitted to the Secretary-General Pro-Tem (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with a copy  to the CANPA Secretariat Administrator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at least 4 weeks before the next scheduled General Assembly (by 15 October 2014).

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