CANPA Standing Committees

Caribbean Regional Conference Of Psychology (CRCP) Committee

Co-Chairs: Ishtar Govia (Jamaica/Trinidad & Tobago) & Katija Khan (Trinidad & Tobago)

Psychology Education and Training Committee

Co-Chairs: Ava Thompson (Bahamas) & Milagros Mendez (Puerto Rico)

Finance and Fund-Raising Committee

Co-Chairs: Rita Dudley-Grant (US Virgin Islands) & Guerda Nicolas (USA/Haiti)

Professional Practice Standards Committee

Co-Chairs: Paidra Alliance Laraque (Haiti) and Kai Morgan (Jamaica) 

Publications Committee

Co-Chairs: Guillermo Bernal (Puerto Rico), Ishtar Govia (Jamaica)

Communications Committee

Chair: Merry Bullock (Colorado, USA)


Other Committees

President and Elders Council

Chair: Ava Thompson (Bahamas)

International Advisory Committee 

Chair: Merry Bullock (USA)