CANPATalks Program – Series 2 » Migdalia Braithwaite Bio

Dr. Migdalia Brathwaite is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and holds a terminal
degree in Counseling Psychology. She is the Clinical Supervisor at the Department of Health –
Division of Behavioral Health in St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands. She has served as the
Coordinator of the St. Croix Trauma Learning Community and has over twenty-five years of
experience in shaping the behaviors of diverse populations. She is a Creative Life Strategist,
Thought Leader, Spiritual Teacher, and Forgiveness Facilitator.

As a published author her works include: The 490 Forgiveness Solution; Beneath the B.A.R.K.;
The Life Attitude Inventory: A Preliminary Evaluation of a Measure of Spiritual Orientation; and
she recently completed the manuscript for her new book FLICKER, a multi-generational book
that invites you to examine how to manage creative intention.

Dr. Brathwaite is the Founder of Green Brain Industries, a personal development organization.
She is a speaker, seminar leader, retreat facilitator and coach who has developed a variety of
seminars and educational programs which include but are not limited to: The 490 Initiative- A
course in Forgiveness; Hiding Out Loud- Exploring the Impact of Personal Value in a Selfie
Culture; Sexual Integrity Series: Porntfied- How Pornography is Impacting our Brains and
Transforming Society, Soil Isn’t Dirty-Remaining Rooted and Grounded in a Hypersexualized
Culture, Rectified-Taking a Leap of Hope in the Age of Porntfication, and I Object- Reclaiming
Dignity When the World Says No (for women only); THE PLAN- Knowing God’s Purpose for
your Life; and H.I.T.C.H.E.D.- Discovering the Shape of your Bond (for couples). Dr.
Brathwaite’s aim is to point people towards forming a deeper relationship with God, creating
compassionate communities and living in wholeness.