News from CANPA General Assembly Meeting on December 7, 2020

CANPA Admits New Member

The Guyana Association of Professional Psychologists has joined CANPA as its 14th National Member. The Association’s president, Mrs. Sharon Dyall will also be the CANPA delegate to the General Assembly.

CANPA Elects New Board Members

Please join CANPA in congratulating the following new CANPA Executive Committee Members:

President Elect (2020-2022)
Katija Khan, Trinidad and Tobago

Vice-President (2020-2022)
Margarett Barnett, Jamaica

Member at Large
Yamilka Rodriguez-Ramirez, Cuba

Member at Large
Josh Hector, Grenada

CANPA Adopts New Revised Statutes

CANPA adopted edits to the CANPA Statutes as follows:

  • Each CANPA Member is entitled to one delegate to the General Assembly
  • Delegate names must be provided to the CANPA Secretariat at least 48 hours prior to a General Assembly
  • Electronic or virtual participation is valid for determining quorum in a CANPA Executive Committee meeting