• Canpa launched the Caribbean Youth Mental Health Champions Project! The project is funded by the Clara Lionel Foundation, with the goal of improving the mental health and wellbeing of Caribbean youth. The project provides support and opportunities for young people in the Caribbean region. More information:
  • CANPA Welcomes St. Vincent and the Grenadines as the 15th CANPA National Member!
  • Meet the 2022 CANPA Executive Council
  • Dr. Marilyn Braithwaite-Hall appointed CANPA Interim Secretary General; Aldith Hazzart joins Secretariat

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November 18, 2022 CANPA GENERAL ASSEMBLY (via ZOOM) – 9 EST; 10 AST

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Bahamas 9-11 am / Barbados 10 am-12 noon / Cuba 9-11 am / Dominica 10 am-12 noon / Dominican Republic 10 am-12 noon / Grenada 10 am-12 noon /Guyana 10 am-12 noon / Haiti 9 – 11 am / Jamaica 9-11 am / Martinique 10 am-12 noon / Puerto Rico 10 am-12 noon / St. Vincent and the Grenadines 10 am-12 noon / Suriname 11 am-1 pm / Trinidad and Tobago 10 am-12 noon / US Virgin Islands 10 am-12 noon

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