About CRCP

Purpose of CRCP Conferences

The purpose of the CRCP is to:

  • Strengthen the connections between the research, practice, and training components of ethical psychological science in the Caribbean region;
  • Provide an opportunity for Caribbean psychologists to share their research, teaching and practice with regional and international colleagues
  • Increase the knowledge of academic and applied psychologists, and allied mental health professionals about psychology to transfer this knowledge in both directions
  • Organize workshops that allow psychologists of the region to engage in continuing education on contemporary techniques, methodologies, and theories that are appropriate to their own work, and in skill building;
  • Increase professional and public awareness of the role of psychological science in promoting individual, community, national and regional well-being and development;
  • Promote the sustained collaboration of academic and applied psychologists (including trained but non-practicing psychologists) within the Caribbean region and the Diaspora;
  • Provide opportunities for networking and collaboration within the region and internationally;
  • Celebrate and respect the multicultural/multilingual nature of the region through presentations in multiple languages with simultaneous translation whenever possible;