Activities » CANPATalks Program – Series 2

CANPA Talks 2021 

February 25, 26, 2021
5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
ZOOM Webinar Format

Session 1: Contemporary Challenges in the Caribbean: Treatment
February 25, 5:30 pm EST

This session highlights some of the emerging challenges that have faced Caribbean Psychology in the last year.

Migdalia Brathwaite

Main Speaker

Migdalia Brathwaite, US Virgin Islands.  Bio
Djavila Ho


Djavila Ho, Jamaica.  Bio

Discussion Speaker: Death and Dying

Keishha Bowla Hines
Jamaica.   Bio
Jason Wynter

Discussion Speaker: Self Care/Wellbeing

Jason Wynter
Jamaica    Bio

Session 2: Contemporary Challenges in the Caribbean: Supervision
February 26, 2021, 5:30 pm EST

This session ignites our knowledge about some of the Caribbean nuances of teaching, supervision and assessment

Donna Maynard

Main Speaker

Donna Maria Maynard
Barbados       Bio


Rita Dudley-Grant, US Virgin Islands
Dara Hamilton

Discussion Speaker: Virtual Teaching

Dara Hamilton, USVI (Bio)

Discussion Speaker: Supervision

Mike Campbell, Barbados

CANPATalks Co-Chairs

Maja Heijmans-Goedtschalk, Suriname

Kai Morgan, Jamaica

CANPATalks Planning Committee

Margarett Barnett, Jamaica
Marlyn Braithwaite-Hall, US Virgin Islands
Merry Bullock, USA
Mike Campbell, Barbados
Mc Millan Cuffy, Dominica
Rit Dudley-Grant, US Virgin Islands
Katija Khan, Trinidad and Tobago
Venese Madden, Jamaica
Guerda Nicolas, USA/Haiti
Sophia Parrilla, U.S. Virgin Islands
Ava D. Thompson, Bahamas